Motorcycle trailer securing system.

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The MCK2 motorcycle tie down system offers a safe, convenient way to add stability to your motorcycle during transport on your flat bed trailer. Simply ride into the bike channel chock, strap down the motorcycle and go!

The MCK2 securing system is similar to the MCK1 tie down system but instead of the front tire cage, a wheel chock is used to reduce the cost of this system. This unit can be mounted to any existing trailer and turn it into a motorcycle transport trailer. Works great for enclosed or flat bed trailers like snowmobile or utility trailers. This unit can be removed when not in use and allow your trailer to be a true year around unit.

MCK2 Footprint Diagram
* Easily attaches to any flat surface with included fasteners
* Fits up to 5" wide front tire and 8" wide rear wheel
* V-shaped front wheel chock centers the front wheel
* Includes 4 built in tie down lugs
* The system is attached using 4 tie down cranks which allow the user to easily and quickly attach or remove the tie down system from the trailer
* Allows any flat bed trailer to be used as a motorcycle trailer, but is easily removed for other uses

This is really slick!
The MCK1 adds a wheel cage with
tie straps built in to secure your motorcycle.
Price is $355.00 plus 48 state shipping.
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