Rampage Loads A Streetglide!

Rampage Lift

Do you have $15K, $25K or much more invested in your bike? Don't risk your investment or your SAFETY, loading it in your truck on a piece of wood, a rail or even a ramp which can slip. Go on and order a RAMPAGE today!

The Rampage makes it SAFE and really EASY to load up your bike.

1. Roll a motorcycle up to the cradle and tie-down the front.

2. Then, press the button to load in approximately 30 seconds.

3. To unload, pull back on the track to start the motion and let gravity and the controlled reverse action of the winch lower your bike to the ground.

4. Untie the front end (BE SURE THE SIDE STAND IS DOWN!)

This new design fits into most full-size or compact pick up truck beds and even has the ability to be installed in very short bed trucks (at least 60 inches long, such as Avalanche, and most Crew Cab trucks as well.)

The unit will extend past the end of the bed and carry the load safely without damaging the tailgate.

The Rampage motorcycle lift is not a permanent truck installation, it consists of a modular, 3 piece construction for easy installation or removal by one person in minutes! EASY IN - EASY OUT of your truck.

Watch this to see how to lift a big bike with a Rampage

9.5 Min DETAILED Video

List Price $2895.00
Now $2,695.00
Save $200 off list price!!

Price plus up to $350.00 shipping & handling for 48 states

Shipping to BUSINESS address or Will-Call at a freight terminal
(48 state delivery to business or will call)

Order a Rampage Lift, call us
at 888-849-6160.

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Click Here to see the Rampage Install and Operating Manuals plus a THREE part Video Install Guide we produced!

Click here for Step by Step video and photos on how to Load Your Bike with the Rampage Lift
The RAMPAGE Power LIFT motorcycle lift is the EASIEST and SAFEST way for ONE PERSON to load up to a 1,200 pound motorcycle, trike or sled in the back of a pick-up truck, Period.

Basic 1.5 Min SHORT Video

Need a Rampage Lift for your
TRIKE or Snowmobile?

We have a Rampage adaptor to fit many popular makes.
Trike adaptor is 58 inches wide.
Please add $940.00 to ramp cost for a TRIKE  $399.00 for a Sled

Rampage Lift
Call Larry at 888-849-6160 or click to E-mail us
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Rampage Lift

Trike Owners Click Here to
see the trike adapter close up.

Click to see a Spyder on a Rampage

A longer Rampage (Standard is 95.5 inches and the Longer is 99.5 inches for special enclosed applications) is available for an additional $100.00 An EXTENSION for long wheel base choppers (must specify length) is available for $185.00. The Snowmobile/sled adapter is only $399.00

Custom Rampage Mount in High Top Van

Custom Rampage done for Ducati-Toyota Auto Show Display
(Fastening straps to bars not recommended)

Custom install to clear fuel bottel in bed

To order a Rampage, or get questions answered, call us at 888-849-6160.
Click Here to buy online.
Rampage Lift    
Sled Adaptor is $399.00 additional
Rampage Lift
Click Here

to see a custom chopper
on a Rampage
A Rampage fits in Pickups with a 59 inch min. bed
Warning Both Honda Ridgeline and Toyota Tacomas no longer have steel beds!
Both are composite and NOT suitable for conventional Rampage installation.

Rampage lift in 59 inch bed

1 Year Limited Warranty
Patent Pending

Pulls out EASILY even with bike loaded

Loads bike from FLAT on the ground

To order a Rampage, or get questions answered, call us at 888-849-6160.
Click Here to buy online.

Click Here to see the Rampage Install and Operating Manual

Rampage is Built To Perform and Last!   Technical Specs:
  • RAMPAGE is precision welded utilizing tooled fixtures. It is made from 1/8 inch thick, high quality carbon steel.
    And, the black powder coated finish provides long lasting rust protection.

  • RAMPAGE has drainage slots along lower track to keep tracks clear of moisture and debris.

  • RAMPAGE uses maintenance-free HMW nylon rollers. No lubrication is required.

  • RAMPAGE comes complete with All Weather 12v 4,000 pound electric winch and cable remote control switch. Flip the switch and watch your motorcycle load - safely, easily. Also included is an all weather cable - one end plugs into a socket on the RAMPAGE<, the other has 2 ring terminals that connect to the truck's battery.

  • RAMPAGE normally can be installed in beds up to 39 1/2" above the ground.

  • RAMPAGE installs easily. The Standard lift is 95" long, and 24" wide. Front tire cradle is 6" wide and sits 7" above truck bed. A bar is attached with two bolts through the floor and bed frame at the front of the truck bed. For all pickups, 3 holes are drilled through the floor and bed frame. Route the all weather cable from this bar, to the truck's battery. The pre-assembled lift together with the winch motor is then slid into the truck bed and attached to the bar with two additional .5" bolts. Plug into the quick disconnect and you're ready to go. When in use, the tailgate must be removed on 8 foot beds and placed in the down position on shorter beds. Complete instructions are included with each lift.
  • RAMPAGE removes easily. Simply, unbolt the three .5" attach bolts, unhook the quick disconnect power cable and slide the assembled lift from the bed of your truck. Convenient rear wheels allow roll-away capability. Additionally, unit can be removed by one person in 3 pieces of 65 Lbs, 110 Lbs and 135 Lbs. The two large pieces can be moved easily using the rollers on the end as dolly wheels.

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