How to Load your bike on the Rampage Lift

Here is the rampage extended to load the bike

Close up of table release,
flip it to stand table up

Here is the table released

Here is the table standing upright

Line the front wheel up with the wheel cup

Move the wheel into the cup

Here are the soft ties for the tie downs to fit into

Here is a soft tie on the fork leg positioned
out from under the faring

Here is the first soft tie

Here is the other soft tie

Hook up the kick stand side tie down first

Then hook up the other side tie down

Sung up one tie down at a time until they are tight enough to support the bike with the side stand down

Be sure to secure the tiedown ends
so they do not get caught in the ramp

While the large pin is still in hole 4
use the winch to lock the table down

Here you see the bike supported by the Rampage table note the sidestand is up
Now load the bike by:

1. Removing the large pin in hole 4 to free the wheel table movement up the center slider.
Use the winch to move the table up to the top of the center slider ramp.

2. Remove pin in hole 2, center guide rail block, and place in hole 1 to pin the table to the ceneter slider.
Use the winch to pull the bike into the bed of the truck.

3. Tie off the bike and place the large pin back in hole 4 before moving the truck.

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