The trike adapters are designed for all of the standard models,
but there are many custom models, and we canít certify it will
fit any of those without dimensions. †

It works on:
California Sidecar
Can Am Spyder
Motor Trike, except Stallion

Other trikes will probably work, but PLEASE CALL US TO VERIFY your dimensions.
If your trike is not on this list please call us with the measurments of over all length, wheelbase
(center of front wheel to center of rear wheel) and inside and outside widths at the rear wheels.

On the first load, watch closely as the trike rolls towards the ramp. On some trikes, the rear of the trike, or the pipes, can drag on the ground as the trike loads. To avoid this, use one or two 2 X 10 pieces of lumber placed on the ground next to the end of the ramp. This way the rear tires will ride up onto the wood pieces and provide ground clearance.

Loading Photos of OLD-STYLE Adapter

Please close window when done. Call us with any questions at 888-849-6160 Thanks