The 4 ft. and 5 ft. Super Sport Aluminum Cargo Trailer
Ideal For Motorcycles Or Sports Cars! 4ft. $1,495.00

Call 888-849-6160 to Order a Super Sport Trailer Made in the USA

FREE Mags for Orders TODAY!  Click Here to order online.

Heavy Duty Latch and Lock on all new Super Sports

See the Black side trailer in this video

Do they look good behind cars???...Well Yea!!

Call 888-849-6160 to get one
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Standard Features:

-Aluminum tread plate    -Led lights    -Painted aluminum sides
-175 lbs empty    -16 cubic ft storage    -Aluminum fenders
-Torsion Axle 600 lb.   -Safety chains -1 7/8 in ball coupler
-Fabric Interior Cover    -Key Lock Lid

Cargo Box 48" L 28" W 18" Deep
Sale Price 4 ft is $1,495.00

XL trailers have a 5 ft (60 in) long Cargo Box
XL List Price is $1,795.00

All trailers Include the Top Rack Shown Above

Shipping By Truck Freight to Business or
Truck Terminal Will Call are standard prices shown.
Ship to residence Add $130 MINIMUM

Please allow 2-3 weeks shipping.

Shipped knocked down assembly required,

Click Here for Hitch and Wiring Sources

Call 888-849-6160 to BUY a Super Sport Trailer Made in the USA
Or Click Here to buy online

What goes in a 4 ft. Super Sport? See these:

4 Foot Super Sport


Note these photos are of older model without new lock or available trim

5 foot Super Sport

See THREE sets of Golf Clubs in The 5ft. Super Sport



4ft All Diamondplate Shown with Mag Wheels

Two unsolicited buyer e-mails about their trailers:

Buyer feedback from Aug-08....

....Larry, I am blown away about my trailer.
Did not really think it would be here this week.
The truck arrived before Lunch and Man what a trailer.
The trailer really looks so much better than the pictures.
The time and effort that was put into the packing of the trailer for shipment is unbelievable.
The product, the packing, the transit time after the orignal order,
and the CUSTOMER service is nothing short of  the best I have ever seen.
Larry, again, thank you so very much and I promise you will be hearing
from some of friends after this week-end.
Have a great week-end and most of all a safe holiday Monday. Bobby in Atlanta

Canadian buyer feedback from July 14-11....
....Hi Just a short note to advise you that the 5 ft. trailer was delivered to Pembina, ND on
Tuesday afternoon; I picked it up there yesterday afternoon; completed the Canadian Customs
entry at the border; brought it home and had it set up in an hour.
It looks great and I'm thouroughly pleased with it. Jim

Lots of room inside for all your stuff
Click Here for More Super Sport Photos (opens in a new page)
Super Sport XL and XLD (diamond plate sides)
The cargo box is a full 5 ft. long, 19 cu. ft. XLs weigh 195 LBS.
  List priced at $1,795.00

Special Order White color
Please call 888-849-6160
to order a white trailer in 4 or 5 ft.

Both shown with Mag Wheels

Call 888-849-6160 to BUY a Super Sport Trailer Made in the USA
Or Click Here to buy online

Super Sport Customers who had their trailers painted at their local shop
(Trailers ship with BLACK PAINT only)

Call 888-849-6160 to BUY a Super Sport Trailer
Click Here to buy online

Note: Some videos and photos on this website, especially those customer submitted photos of trailers with cars or motorcycles, of some products are of older models and current models may vary slightly from current production models. Photos with custom paint are all submitted by customers and not factory paint.
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